Delhi, the capital city of India, is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and, perhaps most importantly, its delectable street food. The bustling lanes of Delhi are a paradise for food lovers, offering a diverse array of flavors that reflect the city’s cosmopolitan nature. From spicy chaat to savory parathas, Delhi’s street food is an experience in itself. This article explores some must-try street foods that capture the essence of Delhi’s culinary heritage.

Chole Bhature

The Quintessential Delhi Breakfast

Chole Bhature is one of the most popular street foods in Delhi, often enjoyed as a hearty breakfast or a filling lunch. This dish consists of spicy chickpea curry (chole) served with deep-fried bread (bhature). The combination of the tangy, spicy chole with the fluffy, slightly chewy bhature is simply irresistible.

Where to Try

  1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand: Located in Paharganj, this iconic eatery is famed for its flavorful Chole Bhature.
  2. Chache Di Hatti: Situated in Kamla Nagar, near Delhi University, this place is a favorite among students for its authentic taste.

GolgappaFile:Golgappa Pani Puri India.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

A Burst of Flavors

Known as Pani Puri in other parts of India, Golgappa is a quintessential street food snack in Delhi. It comprises hollow, crispy puris filled with spicy, tangy water, tamarind chutney, chickpeas, and potatoes. The explosion of flavors and textures in each bite makes Golgappa a beloved treat.

Where to Try

  1. Rajouri Garden Market: This area is famous for its street food vendors offering delightful Golgappas.
  2. Vaishno Chat Bhandar: Located in Kamla Nagar, it is known for serving some of the best Golgappas in the city.

Aloo Tikki

The Perfect Street Snack

Aloo Tikki is a popular North Indian snack made from boiled potatoes, peas, and various spices, shaped into patties and shallow-fried until crispy. It is usually served with tangy tamarind chutney and mint chutney, sometimes topped with yogurt and sev.

Where to Try

  1. Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala: Situated in Chandni Chowk, this place is renowned for its delicious Aloo Tikki.
  2. Bittoo Tikki Wala: With multiple outlets across Delhi, this chain is famous for its mouth-watering Tikkis.

ParathaMooli Paneer Paratha - Malas-Kitchen

A Versatile Delight

Parathas are stuffed flatbreads that can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as potatoes, paneer (cottage cheese), radish, or cauliflower. They are typically served with yogurt, pickles, and a dollop of butter. Parathas are a staple in Delhi’s street food scene, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Where to Try

  1. Paranthe Wali Gali: Located in Chandni Chowk, this narrow lane is famous for its numerous shops serving a wide variety of Parathas.
  2. Moolchand Paratha: Situated near Moolchand Metro Station, this place is well-known for its delicious and generously stuffed Parathas.


A Taste of Mughlai Cuisine

Delhi’s street food is heavily influenced by Mughlai cuisine, and Kebabs are a prime example. These skewered, grilled meats are marinated in a blend of spices and cooked to perfection. From the smoky Seekh Kebabs to the succulent Chicken Tikkas, the kebabs in Delhi are a carnivore’s delight.

Where to Try

  1. Khan Chacha: Located in Khan Market, this legendary eatery is famous for its mouth-watering kebabs.
  2. Karim’s: Situated in Jama Masjid, Karim’s is an iconic spot known for its rich and flavorful Mughlai dishes, including kebabs.

ChaatFile:Delhi Chaat with saunth chutney.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Ultimate Street Food

Chaat is a broad category of street food that includes a variety of savory snacks. Common ingredients include crispy fried dough, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, and a mix of chutneys. Popular varieties include Papri Chaat, Bhel Puri, and Dahi Bhalla. Each type of chaat offers a unique combination of flavors and textures, making it a must-try.

Where to Try

  1. Bengali Market: This market is famous for its wide range of chaat options.
  2. Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar: Located in Chandni Chowk, this spot is known for its delectable chaat.

Rajma Chawal

Comfort Food at Its Best

Rajma Chawal is a comforting and satisfying dish comprising kidney beans cooked in a spicy tomato gravy, served with steamed rice. It’s a staple in many Delhi households and a popular street food, especially in local markets.

Where to Try

  1. Shankar Market: This market near Connaught Place offers some of the best Rajma Chawal in Delhi.
  2. Jain Chawal Wale: Located in Connaught Place, this place is famous for its delicious and affordable Rajma Chawal.


A Crispy Delight

Samosas are deep-fried pastries filled with a spicy mixture of potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat. They are a popular snack enjoyed with tamarind or mint chutney. The crisp exterior and flavorful filling make samosas a favorite among street food enthusiasts.

Where to Try

  1. Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala: Located in Chandni Chowk, this place is renowned for its tasty samosas.
  2. Manohar Dhaba: Situated in Connaught Place, this eatery is famous for its delicious and affordable samosas.


A Sweet Ending

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream made from thickened milk, sugar, and various flavorings such as cardamom, saffron, and pistachios. It’s a creamy, dense dessert that offers a refreshing end to any street food meal.

Where to Try

  1. Roshan Di Kulfi: Located in Karol Bagh, this place is famous for its delicious kulfi.
  2. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale: Situated in Chawri Bazar, this spot offers a wide variety of kulfi flavors.


Delhi’s street food scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and textures that reflect the city’s diverse culture and history. From spicy and tangy snacks to rich and hearty meals, there is something to satisfy every palate. Exploring these must-try street foods is not just about satisfying your hunger but also about experiencing the culinary soul of Delhi.


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